Baseball Uniform


Along with your equipment of shin guards, chest protectors, mask, plate shoes, base shoes, etc the following items are required by MSOA Baseball.

In order for ALL umpires to be attired in the same uniform MSOA will wear pants, shirts, jackets and FHSAA hats from Purchase Officials. Call FRED at 954.990.5806 or order direct at (he will bill you)

PANTS- ANY combination of Base and Plate OR Combo SMITTY Pleated Expander Waistband-- CHARCOAL are the required pants.

SHIRTS- 3 required--the (1)FHSAA Polo Blue, (2)FHSAA Black andalso a Polo Blue shirt with NO FHSAA patch for Middle School.

FHSAA HATS-BLACK WOOL FHSAA--NO adjustable or mesh. 4 or 6 stitch hats are acceptable... NO 8 stitch fishing hats and NO BEANIE hats!!
MSOA HATS- Black Wool --- Fred will know what you need... just give him the size.

JACKETS- Black with Pro Blue stripes on shoulders, worn with a BLACK mock, turtle or T-shirt. Tell Fred you need MSOA to be embroidered on front left chest. The insulated zip front jacket of the same style is Optional and will have MSOA embroidered. The plain BLACK jacket with zip off sleeves is also optional and will NOT have MSOA on it!

Following may be purchased anywhere!
BELTS- 1 3/4 inch black LEATHER belt is the MSOA standard. You may purchase a PATENT leather belt but if worn like all other options you MUST match your partner!!